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Digital Signage
for All

  • Retail / POS displays
  • Public Information / News
  • Corporate Messaging
  • Restaraunt menu displays
  • Departure / Arrival Information

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What is Digital Signage

Digital signage means using digital displays such as LCD, Plasma, and LED to deliver rich media content to a public audience. Each display is connected to the network via media players and can show anything from corporate communications to video and multimedia presentations:

  • Convention Centers
  • Healthcare
  • Corporations
  • Restaurants
  • Churches
  • Higher Ed
  • Banking
  • Museums / Zoos
  • Hospitality

why digital signage

Digital signage delivers what marketers are looking for today: fine-grained targeting, consumer attention, accountability and measurable Return on Investment. Digital signage is not TV. It is a new and unique medium that combines the power of mass media with the precision of niche marketing. It provides direct communication with consumers at point of decision, where the viewer is either waiting for service or looking for the right product.

Features and Benefits


Digital signage enables users to display their messages more dynamically and targeted. In today`s media cluttered environment dynamic images are more appealing - and can convey considerably more information - than static ones can. Each display, connected to the network via media players, can convey different messaging. It allows you to tune your message to your audience. Making your message more relevant and enabling you to communicate with the public in the most targeted way.

"Digital Signage is quickly becoming the platform of choice for internal communications.An increasing number of companies and organizations rely on this technology to enhance communication, promote corporate standards and stimulate collaboration."


The Regener8 signage solution is suitable for any industry, irrespective of what you want to communicate. Digital signage has maximum impact: your content can easily be tailored to one`s location and time. Another benefit is the low costs and short amount of time that is involved with maintaining your digital signage

  • You can display various types of media with your digital sign
  • Digital signage can display content relevant to a specific site or region.
  • You can perform content changes and deliver your message quickly.
  • You have complete control over your network of digital signage displays from one central location.
  • Digital signage can lower overhead by removing traditional paper communication.

How it works

  • Content is created on special software that allows you to add images, video, text and live TV feed. This content is created on a timeline and allows for any length of runtime.
  • Once a "Campaign" has been finished it will get pushed to the cloud.
  • The newly created "Campaign" will then be deployed to any or all media players that you wish to display your content. The media players play content based upon your timeline and how often you would like to schecdule the content.


We also offer advertising services. If you would like to purchase advertising for your business in a variety of locations please contat us for more information.

Retail stores

Advertise your business in our participating retail locations.

Shopping Malls

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"REGENER8 Digital Signage has enabled us to reach more customers by displaying daily specials in minutes. It has also given us the ability to directly communicate with customers about upcoming events." – Allan Langford
State Street BBQ