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Regener8 Releases new Door alarm for restaurant industry

bRANDON, MS – April 9, 2015

The number one threat to Fridge Freezers and Walkin coolers is Heat. You can have thousands of dollars in food go bad simply due to an unclosed door by an employee or a faulty door latch that does not close all the way.

One way to combat this is to use the Regener8 Temperature Monitoring Solution. This is great for getting an alert once a threashold has been reached, and keeps 12 months of temperature data, however an immediate alert is what we need to be notified on.

At Regener8 we came up with an easy to install Door Alarm Solution the DA-08. This device will send out an alarm once the door has been left open for a set period of time. This is adjustable from 4 seconds to 2 minutes. It gives every business the capability to let the employees get product from the fridge / freezer without the alarm going off (82 decibels). However once the timer has been reached and the door has Not been closed it will send out an Alarm sound which will alert employees to check that the door is closed.

    - Small and easy to install on any Door
    - Adjustable Timer for Alarm
    - Battery or Powered


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