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Regener8 Releases new cloud backup software

bRANDON, MS – August 8, 2014

Many business today suffer from either no backup solution or lack of offsite backups to safe guard against local / regional disaster. The cost of storage arrays and the cost of keeping them functioning cannot compete with Cloud storage which offers durability rating of 99.999999999%.

Traditional methods of storing backups off site can be costly and complex. With a subscription licensing model built around public cloud storage licensing, Regener8 Cloud Edition lets you avoid significant up-front costs and allows you to introduce backup storage in the cloud with minimal financial risk. Use Regener8 Cloud Backup & Replication to back up your files, SQL, Exchange and virtual environment to the cloud. They also include 24/7 support.

Regener8 provides seamless and secure backup of your data to the cloud and takes care of the management and monitoring for you. Our monitoring allows us to see if Backups have run as well as to remotely update the software without you having to manually upgrade it. Regener8 Cloud Backup comes with the following features:

    - Scheduling and Real-Time Backup
    - Block Level Backup
    - Bandwidth Throttling
    - Purge Options


About Regener8

Regener8 LLC is a leading technology company located in Brandon, Mississippi. It is an innovator of technology solutions for a variety of businesses.

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